(Nationals Story ContinuedÖ.)††††††††


††††††††††††† When we arrived in New Mexico I couldnít stop looking out the windows, it was literally like a post card. We took Snickers directly to his stall. Then we went off to look around at the fair grounds. The Indoor ridding arena was so enormous. There were so many horses; I know its youth nationals, but since this was my first time going I was so impressed by how many nice horses were there. Then it went through my head again I have no chance.


†††††††††††††††† Well I had been in New Mexico for two days it was time for my first class. I was so nervous. I NEVER get nervous, I was so scared that I would mess up and ruin everything. I didnít want to mess up. My mom had given up so much to get me there. Of course I go in the class and totally blow it. The first time I ask for the canter I completely get the wrong lead. I come out the class and walk past the judge and say thank you. Her response was sweetheart you can breathe now. I came out very upset; my sister said that thereís always tomorrow. I ended up getting 18th out of 37. I barely made my goal but I was so happy.


†††††††††††††††† The next morning I was more nervous then anything. When I was getting my horse ready that day, my sister told me to relax, yah right thatís easier said then done. While I was warming up I had a mental break down, I knew this was my last chance. Out of no where my emotions went crazy, I started to cry. My sister took my away from everyone and started telling me what to do, and giving me pointers. Honestly I would have never been able to compose myself without her. Then I went inÖI came out the happiest sixteen year old ever! I had an amazing ride. I didnít care what I got, I was happy with how great he did. So we all went to go check the scores.


†††††††††††††††† When we got to the score table, a woman was standing there looking too. She said what number are you? I said Iím not sure my name is Michelle Freeman and my horseís name is snickers. She looked at me and said oh you just bumped my daughter out of reserve champion; you are reserve champion right now. I couldnít believe her so I had to look for myself, ad she wasnít lying! I was so happy I almost screamed! Then there were about two more horses to go, so we watched and waited. All I keep telling myself is that thereís no way. I went aback to go get Snickers for the award ceremony, no matter what I had a top ten, which would still be amazing! When I got back up there to the table I waited, then my mom walked over and told me I got it! I have never been any happier seeing that trophy knowing its mine. What went through my head is when I get home I canít wait to show my dad, he will be so proud of me.


†††††††††††††††† The trip home was just as fun as the trip there except for the fact we had so much to talk about. I could hardly sleep because I was so excited to go home and show everyone. When I got home I put snickers away, and went inside showed my dad. Oh was he proud of me. Then I took it to my grandmothers and showed her. Just because my dad and granny werenít there they had a lot to do with me going. I only wish they could have been there. I will never forget this trip. It was once in a lifetime.


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